In-Building Wifi Zone / Hotspot

WiFi Hotspot VS WiFi Zone

Computers has been programmed to connect to the strongest WiFi source. As you go farther from the original connected WiFi source, the signal getting weaker, and it will disconnect and connect to another new and stronger WiFi source. The processes of disconnecting and re-connecting take time and it brings interruption to your internet usage experience, especially for those who have few routers in their premises.

In-Building WiFi Zone Solution solved the problem stated in the above. Mesh network created using several network access points which can talk to each other. Meaning that as a user walk through the WiFi zone, the computer will "pick-up" the WiFi signal from the nearest WiFi source without undergoes disconnecting and then re-connecting the new WiFi source. The signal throughput is increased significantly especially for large coverage area like hotels, airports and shopping malls. The WiFi Zone has a mesh network with a number of devices "repeating" the signal between each other so that the users can have a seamless experience.

Hardware for In-Building WiFi Solution:

1) Access Point
There are a number of different hardware options that we can use to create a "wireless network" (which is how a Wi-Fi zone is put together.) When looking at equipment, you can search for "wireless mesh Access Points." They are called Access Points because a user can access internet through them.

2) Gateway
A Gateway takes internet from a dedicated connection (it is plugged in, usually with a Power over Ethernet cable,) to a standard internet connection. For town Wi-Fi zones, a basic business level subscription is recommended. This connection is what brings Internet to the zone.

3) Repeater
Typically the same piece of hardware as a Gateway, Repeaters are not hardwired to the Internet. Rather, they extend the size of the Wi-Fi zone by repeating the Internet connection via one or more radios, and meshing with each other. One benefit of many of these systems is that these devices begin as gateways, but if the internet connection fails, they will automatically reconfigure into repeaters, taking a signal from another Gateway.