For a rewarding career with a company that has:

  • A consistent track record of profitable growth
  • Clear vision and values
  • The ability to face the good and not-so-good times with resilience
  • The capacity to respond wisely to opportunities
  • Proven skills to develop new products and enter new markets
  • Been providing hands on experience for consultants to work on end-to-end solutions
  • Expertise in honing talents, recognizing achievements, and valuing contributions
  • The belief that people need to enjoy their work to give their best
  • Dynamic and professional environment that values each person’s perspective
  • Latest technologies, challenging assignments, attractive compensation, open culture, and good interpersonal relationships
  • A well-defined commitment to the success of its people

Albacore Technology has all this and more. Albacore Technology is working with the state-of-the-art technology, equipment and processes and providing business solutions across a wide range of verticals.

If you are looking for a challenging job with an attractive compensation and an open culture where you can grow and develop with one of the fastest growing companies in Malaysia, Albacore Technology is the place for you.

Job Opportunities is not available at the moment.